Thursday, April 14, 2016

Phone Locator

Did you know it? Google Maps is a tool that has brought many trouble to not knowing a street. Thanks to its GPS feature, one person can locate and know what your destination and how to get to him. However, this can bring you more of one problem if your partner grab your smartphone.

If you thought that you could save by visiting a possible lover or to another girl or boy that you like, with this you will be exposed. The function that enabled Google Maps is called Location History and acts as a database that stores all our movements.

Locations have the particularity of follow your trail from your smartphone without your account you give. These are stored in a map to activate it you can where you are and where you were.

Go to this link in order to activate the Location History.
Red dots indicate all the places to which you were. Google Maps posted your locations from long time. Even if you travel abroad, you'll see it.

Will automatically appear on all red points, but all the places where you've been. What? It is true. You will be surprised.

Phone Tracker
If any red button, you will see the path you used to get to that place.
Now, if you want to know what route used the person, as well as the day, year, month and time, you can press any red button.

Now, if you want to know what route used the person, as well as the day, year, month and time, you can press any red button.

Did it give you fear? Turn it off already? You not only see your way, but also the time that you have been there, the day and the year using a calendar. If you're desperate to want to delete everything and never more Google Maps you follow, there is a solution for you.

Finally, to delete all give remove your location history.

Learn how to disable Location History option. It will save you in more of one hurry when you run out of arguments.

Learn how to disable Location History option. It will save you in more of one hurry when you run out of arguments.

On the other hand, it is also recommended to disable the GPS with the aim that your smartphone is not registered by another application that uses the same system. Just activate your location when you need it.

We are watching Google? It is a question to which only has an answer. According to the search engine ensures that this system developed by Google Maps is confidential and is not shared with any other person.

Not only your boyfriend or girlfriend you can find out where you were, but also your family, your best friend, your co-workers, etc. So if you want to avoid misunderstandings, is better to delete it right now. You can also try with other people and help them to turn off the option.

Friday, February 12, 2016

PS4 Games of 2016

Bulkhead Interactive has announced its new game, Battalion 1944, an action game in first person acclimated in World War I look back to the roots of multiplayer titles. The title will hit Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 in 2017, provided they get their funding targets 130,000 euros in Kickstarter.

Offering a trailer and several images, Bulkhead Interactive has detailed Battalion 1944 operate under the Unreal Engine 4 and that we move to some of the most emblematic of the conflict that devastated Europe scenarios. In this way, we will fight in places like Normandy Carentan or both in urban and rural settings.

Bulkhead Interactive will offer anti-cheating measures and racing seasons online
The team is paying special attention to realism, providing highly detailed modeling of uniforms and equipment as well as weapons and rifles of various contenders, whether friend or foe. In addition, Bulkhead Interactive is building a system of online competition and a number of unique measures to prevent cheaters in their games.

Campaign finance Battalion 1944 ending next March 3. If we donate about 17 euros, developers will guarantee us a copy of the game. Approximate release date is scheduled for May 2017. You have more details on their website Kickstarter.

We leave you with the trailer and the first images which correspond to the alpha version of the title.

The July 15 finally see in action the new team of Ghostbusters 3 composed of Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig. Well, as we read in Twinfinite, the new film could Cazanfantasmas accompanied by a video game for PS4 and Xbox One at the hands of Activision.

The information leaked by Retail Merchandising, says Activision is preparing a new Ghostbusters game would come to PS4 and Xbox One this summer he launched Ghostbusters 3.

For now, we must take this information as a rumor since Activision has not yet official statements made to deny or confirm the development of a new adventure in Ghostbusters next generation consoles.
ps4 emulator
Confirmed this new Ghostbusters for PS4 and Xbox One, it would not be the first game that has adapted the film franchise, and in 2009 published Atari Ghostbusters The Video Game on different platforms. Ghostbusters is an action game in the third person in our character (a new recruit) shared the limelight with the Ghostbusters of the original films. Then, while we wait for more details about Ghostbusters for PS4 and Xbox One, we leave you a gallery with images of Ghostbusters The Video Game.

Guns Up! It is a title exclusive player vs. player-he had scheduled PlayStation 4 PS3 and Vita versions but were canceladas- player versus player (PvP). It is a combination of action and strategy in which face other players to try to break the defenses they have designed. There are different types of units to recruit and each has distinct advantages since they level. The game includes some micro to unlock upgrades to replenish your armies, customize your characters and improve your bases. In addition, PlayStation Plus users have access to a free starter pack with 5 packs of rare cards, 50 applications EXP improved during the attack, 50 uses improved ammunition during the attack, 50 applications improving card during the attack, 5 holiday commando units during the attack and rocket launchers 5 holiday units during the attack.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Technology 2016

The high speed is one of the greatest achievements of the Spanish railway sector. This includes companies able to manufacture components and manage rail networks anywhere in the world. This advance of transport, steel plays a decisive role, and evolves, with its processes and products, to the fast pace which makes it high speed railway industry.

High speed rail

Precisely in the field of iron and steel, the Spanish rail is enshrined as a key piece of the railroad and reason whereby the trains can move 350 kilometers per hour. "Steel manufactured in Spain not only rail ensures speed the train, but also maximum security", says Víctor Ruiz, commercial director of rail and special profiles of ArcelorMittal.

The rail is ArcelorMittal. The factory of the group in Gijón (Asturias, Northern Spain) specialises in the production of Rails for high-speed able to unite in little more than two hours Madrid with Barcelona, located at the same distance separating Los Angeles and San Francisco, in the United States. To get an idea of the achieved time savings, a trip by car from Madrid to Barcelona takes more than six hours.

The line between Madrid and Barcelona was opened in early 2008, and is one of the main landmarks of the Spanish rail network of high-speed, aroused interest all over the world. AcerlorMittal began to produce this type of Rails in 1990, coinciding with the development of the network of high speed in Spain, which allowed him to gain extensive experience in this area so specialized.

So far, the Group has produced a million and a half tons of high-speed rail for Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Morocco. Its advanced technology allows you to present to the world's most demanding award competitions.

But how this innovative rail is manufactured? According to Ruiz, "it is a steel product of great complexity for its technical design, its manufacturing process and by the high demand of the railways in their performance."

Rail train of lamination processes the blooms, some blocks of steel square section of up to eight meters long, manufactured in steelworks of Gijón (North of Spain). Already within the rolling mill, the blooms are heated in a natural gas oven up to 1,100 degrees Celsius. The bloom then passed several times between a few scattered steel cylinders in three cases of lamination that are shaping it until it acquires the form of a lane with a maximum length of 90 meters long. A saw cut it to the dimensions required by the customer. After cooling in a special beds, each one of the lanes is processed by two straightening machines. Control systems throughout the installation guarantees the quality of the final product.

"The implementation of rail for high-speed lines is invested heavily in the development of product due to the demanding conditions imposed in terms of safety, comfort, durability, cost and minimum acoustic impact", says Víctor Ruiz.

Bioenergy from household waste

Each year 1,500 million tonnes of municipal waste in the world are generated and 75% ends up in the landfill polluting the environment. However, each kilo of organic waste can be removed enough fuel for seven kilometers by car. In this process of sustainable fuel the Spanish company Abengoa plays a decisive role.

The firm has opened demonstration plant installed at Babilafuente (Salamanca, Northwest of Spain). It uses a technology pioneer ' Waste to Biofuels' (W2B) aimed at obtaining second generation biofuels from municipal solid waste. And he does it through an advanced treatment of enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation. "It's the only demonstration plant for the production of second generation from waste biofuel," says Ana Isabel Vicente, Director general of r & d's in Abengoa process

The Salamanca plant has capacity to process 25,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW), and produce up to 1.5 million liters of bioethanol for fuel.

The Spanish company W2B technology is a world leader in the production of bioethanol from waste. During the transformation process, organic matter is subjected to different treatments for organic, fiber rich in cellulose and hemicellulose, which is subsequently converted into biofuel.

The production of bioethanol from the urban solid waste is a technological breakthrough in the waste management model, since it allows to minimize the environmental footprint, and achieve great benefits for society. "Second generation from waste fuels generated a cut in emissions of between 80% and 90% with respect to gasoline", explains Ana Isabel Vicente. The cities that adopt this technology will be groundbreaking and will reduce its energy dependence.

The bioethanol produced at the plant W2B has multiple uses: can be used as an additive to gasoline, as a fuel for cars, as an intermediate in processes for the chemical industry, or even in the production of fuels for aviation (jet fuel).
The proposal of Abengoa is unique, since the company has established itself as an expert in all phases of the value chain, from the creation of biofuels to the engineering and construction of industrial plants or waste management.

The bioethanol production from urban waste represents a technological breakthrough in the waste management model, since it allows to minimize the environmental footprint, and achieve great benefits for society"

Despite that the price of the 5 Nexus X in Europe far from where U.S. users can take, is always welcome the arrival of any other rebate. It is the case that concerns us now because Google has just lowered the price in Europe and Spain of their 5 Nexus X 429 euros.

Google about this way the price of its 5 Nexus X for European users of its counterparts American, at least until they enjoy this discount, since in the U.S. the company has also lowered terminal. The previous price of Google Nexus 5 X was 470 euros for the 16 GB version and now we can find it for 429 euros, so the offer at nu

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Experiences in the cloud

"Technological model that allows ubiquitous, adapted and access on-demand network to a shared set of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications and services) that can be quickly fueled and released with minimal interaction with the service provider or a reduced management effort".

Thus it defines cloud computing - or computing in the cloud-the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), agency US federal working hand in hand with the industry, to develop and implement standards, measures, and technological tools. Or what is the same, a system that makes it possible that any person can access a vast array of resources and computer services on-demand hosted by huge remote data centers. The advantages of this system today imposed across the globe are numerous: allows you to automatically assign computer resources depending on the particular needs of each user - even specific adjustments for a timely demand-, billing according to consumption, access universal, continuous, and multi-device; and, above all, to isolate computer resources contracted from the supplier, the computer equipment of the entity, with the consequent discharge volume of data traffic, reducing storage and lower costs.
Experiences in the cloud
Away from what one might think, cloud computing is not science fiction, but it is fully integrated into the daily life of millions of people around the world. You have e-mail accounts on platforms such as Hotmail or Gmail, upload personal videos to Youtube and applications like Flickr photos, or share documents in Dropbox are just a few examples of services hosted in the cloud. In fact, the development of this model has been unstoppable in the last five years. According to a study by the consulting firm IDC, worldwide revenues because of cloud services - computing and hosting - will exceed $ 55,500 billion in 2014, 30% more than the previous year, with an estimated market share of 12%, with the head of the technologies of information and communication (technology ICT) industry. And at the forefront of this emerging sector could be Spain, according to a report by Gartner, which identifies our country among the 30 leading locations thanks to reduced production costs, the excellent infrastructure of information technologies and the strong relationship with Latin America.

Experts believe that this system of computer services under potential quasi unlimited demand could be the ultimate solution for companies and, especially, the outsized public administrations, one of the sectors where it predicts greater impact, according to a report by the Bankinter Foundation, which estimates that 39% of these will work with services in the cloud. In a crisis like the present scenario, the step by the public sector of a traditional technology management the adoption of solutions in the cloud is a remarkable cost-cutting, as well as opening new options as to use the platform to promote participation and involvement public - open government-, offer their services and share knowledge on the Web , and effectively manage the huge volume of information and the multiplicity of systems that manage the public sector.