Friday, February 12, 2016

PS4 Games of 2016

Bulkhead Interactive has announced its new game, Battalion 1944, an action game in first person acclimated in World War I look back to the roots of multiplayer titles. The title will hit Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 in 2017, provided they get their funding targets 130,000 euros in Kickstarter.

Offering a trailer and several images, Bulkhead Interactive has detailed Battalion 1944 operate under the Unreal Engine 4 and that we move to some of the most emblematic of the conflict that devastated Europe scenarios. In this way, we will fight in places like Normandy Carentan or both in urban and rural settings.

Bulkhead Interactive will offer anti-cheating measures and racing seasons online
The team is paying special attention to realism, providing highly detailed modeling of uniforms and equipment as well as weapons and rifles of various contenders, whether friend or foe. In addition, Bulkhead Interactive is building a system of online competition and a number of unique measures to prevent cheaters in their games.

Campaign finance Battalion 1944 ending next March 3. If we donate about 17 euros, developers will guarantee us a copy of the game. Approximate release date is scheduled for May 2017. You have more details on their website Kickstarter.

We leave you with the trailer and the first images which correspond to the alpha version of the title.

The July 15 finally see in action the new team of Ghostbusters 3 composed of Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig. Well, as we read in Twinfinite, the new film could Cazanfantasmas accompanied by a video game for PS4 and Xbox One at the hands of Activision.

The information leaked by Retail Merchandising, says Activision is preparing a new Ghostbusters game would come to PS4 and Xbox One this summer he launched Ghostbusters 3.

For now, we must take this information as a rumor since Activision has not yet official statements made to deny or confirm the development of a new adventure in Ghostbusters next generation consoles.
ps4 emulator
Confirmed this new Ghostbusters for PS4 and Xbox One, it would not be the first game that has adapted the film franchise, and in 2009 published Atari Ghostbusters The Video Game on different platforms. Ghostbusters is an action game in the third person in our character (a new recruit) shared the limelight with the Ghostbusters of the original films. Then, while we wait for more details about Ghostbusters for PS4 and Xbox One, we leave you a gallery with images of Ghostbusters The Video Game.

Guns Up! It is a title exclusive player vs. player-he had scheduled PlayStation 4 PS3 and Vita versions but were canceladas- player versus player (PvP). It is a combination of action and strategy in which face other players to try to break the defenses they have designed. There are different types of units to recruit and each has distinct advantages since they level. The game includes some micro to unlock upgrades to replenish your armies, customize your characters and improve your bases. In addition, PlayStation Plus users have access to a free starter pack with 5 packs of rare cards, 50 applications EXP improved during the attack, 50 uses improved ammunition during the attack, 50 applications improving card during the attack, 5 holiday commando units during the attack and rocket launchers 5 holiday units during the attack.